Know Thy Opponent: Hoquiam

Know Thy Opponent: Hoquiam
Good morning, Trohahn fans. It is good to be entering the real playoffs as a top-seed and home team. Much respect to the Hoqqies making the 200 mile drive. And for such a distance, Meridian and Hoquiam have played a few times. We split home/home non-league games with them in 2014 and 2015. In playoffs, we ...

Know Thy Playoff Opponent: Hoquiam Comments

Know Thy Playoff Opponent: Hoquiam
Our gift to you… Christmas comes early to the Hoquiam Grizzlies, as Secret Santa has handed them the Mighty Trohahns–crushed in Week One–neatly boxed, bowed and left on their doorstep. In looking forward to Saturday’s first round playoff game at Hoquiam’s home field, the hometown fans are thankful for the seasonal largesse. Hoquiam head coach ...

Meridian to Play at King’s, Nov. 7 Comments

Meridian to Play at King's, Nov. 7
Despite the disappointing loss last night, Meridian will play in the district qualifiers as the NWC’s #2 seed against King’s, at King’s, on Nov. 7 at 7:00PM.  The winner advances the the state round-0′-16 playoffs and the loser is done for the year. King’s plays in the 1A side of the Cascade Conference with Cedar Park ...

Know Thy Opponents: Cashmere Bulldogs & Stevens Pass Fightin’ Closures Comments

Know Thy Opponents: Cashmere Bulldogs & Stevens Pass Fightin' Closures
This week’s game is a classic triangular conflict straight out of a Quentin Tarantino movie: The Meridian Trojans vs. The Cashmere Bulldogs vs. The Stevens Pass Fightin’ Closures. First opponent first.  It’s been 29 years since Meridian and the Cashmere Bulldogs (or the “Kashmir Fightin’ Peshmergas,” their nom de guerre in the remote Washington central highlands, ...

Meridian at Cashmere, Saturday Nov. 16, 1:00PM Comments

Meridian will travel to Cashmere to play the Bulldogs on their home field for the first round playoff game. Kickoff is 1:00PM at Cashmere High School. More details and whatnot later.

Game Time, 1:00PM Saturday at Battle Ground HS

Game Time, 1:00PM Saturday at Battle Ground HS
It’s official, Meridian will be playing LaCenter at 1:00PM Saturday at Battle Ground High School, 300 West Main Street  Battle Ground, WA 98604. Yeah, it’s a bit of a haul.  Leave early, treat it as an adventure. Thanks to Ryland Spencer and Bryan Levesque for the stadium photos.

Monday Morning Wrap Up

The Herald’s story on the game didn’t include a boxscore, but you can look at the Meridian side of the numbers here.  KPUG has posted the podcast of Saturday’s game in two parts, first half and second half.  We have a handful of photos from the game here. On to Toledo.  The Herald has this ...

TrojanTV: 1999 Playoffs, Meridian vs. Elma

TrojanTV: 1999 Playoffs, Meridian vs. Elma
The next ongoing, and by ongoing I mean probably never to be completed, project for the Trojan archives is digitizing the game films of the 1999 season, the first state championship season.  We’re beginning with the playoffs, and today’s upload is the first-round playoff game against Elma at Edmonds Stadium. The Trojans won this one ...

Random Recap: 1997 Playoffs First Round, Meridian 13-Port Townsend 6 (OT)

1997 Playoffs–First Round:  Meridian 13, Port Townsend 6 (OT) Following a perfect 9-0 regular season, the first champions of the newly formed “NCC” hosted a first-round playoff game at Edmonds stadium against a first-time opponent:  the Port Townsend Redskins.  PT boasted a pair of 1,000-yard rushers in their double-wing offense in fullback Josh Fountain and ...

TrojanTV: King’s Quarterfinals Game Full Film

Here’s the full game film of the 2010 quarterfinals game against King’s, in three parts.  The videos below the jump.