GATA MATA Exit Interview: Mitchell Tripp

Best play you made:
The second touchdown catch that I caught in the King’s game. I don’t know how I picked it off the ground but I did.
Best play SOMEONE else made:
Denver VanderYacht’s, New York Times, YouTube Video, crack-back block on the outside linebacker from Sequim.
Pre-game rituals (meals, music, clothes, etc):
Meals:Taco Bell: 2 Steak Quesadillas with Orange Swirl frutizta freeze.

Music: Any rap, mainly Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Wiz Khalifa, and Notorious

Clothes: No Shirt during passing lines. (Exception: -10 degree F at Kings)

What does a game sound like?
Whistles, yelling, pads colliding
What does a game smell like?
Sweat and grass. Except civic, King’s and the Dome,
For seniors, what will you miss most?
Bob’s foolishness and stories.
As as senior, your best advice for incoming players?
Dont’ take anything for granted. Don’t take practices lightly. And Don’t lose at HOME!
As as senior, what area did you improve most, frosh to senior?
Quickness, Speed, Route Running, and softness of hands

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