GATA MATA Exit Interview: Jordan Warren

Best play you made:
I would have to say the helicopter touchdown at Nooksack. That was such a big game against our “rival” and it was just awesome.
Best play SOMEONE else made:
Mitchell’s one-handed touchdown catch at Kings. For him to come back after the turf toe injury and make that ridiculous catch…All State
Pre-game rituals:
Get geared up, listen to music, and hit the field ready to go
What does a game sound like?
Big hits, listening to trash talking, and the roar of the crowd
What does a game smell like?
Blood, Sweat, Tears
As a senior, what will you miss most?
Hanging out with all the team members at practice, team dinners, long bus rides to games, summer workouts. just being a part of Meridian Football
As a senior, what’s your best advice for incoming players?
Hit the weights and play catch, run routes, get ready for next season. its coming faster than you think
What area did you improve most, frosh to senior?
My vision as a running back, making the right cuts and knowing where you and the defense is on every play

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