Final: Meridian 27 – Royal 33

Really, a helluva game. Meridian was in the game to the very end. Ultimately, mistakes—3 turnovers, penalties, and dropped passes—were the differences in the game. You can’t make mistakes against a superior team like Royal. Sometimes you can get away with them. Not today, and not against an opponent like that.

Royal is every bit as good as advertised, and our Trojans played them very well. The Knights were also be all indications a very classy group. The game was clean and hard-hitting, nice to see. Congratulations on a tremendous run and another title.

The goal is to win, and in that we came up short. It’s tough to see a great season come to end like that. Still, just as a fan, I’m not too down on it. The kids played extremely hard.

Special shout-out to Simon and Manny. You gave it all.

[Edit: In light Mr. Pagnossin’s comment below, I want to be sure that I am clear. I thought the entire team played extremely hard, refused to be intimidated and did not back down.]

All for now. Go Trohahns.

Ps – Games stats from the WIAA are here.

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