Know Thy Tiebreaker: Nooksack

Last Chance You

For a second time in five days, the Mighty Trohans have fate in their hands. By virtue of a head to head tie with Nooksack, Meridian will play Nooksack tonight at Sedro Woolley in a Kansas City tiebreaker, with the winner moving on to play Kings.

It’s another weird scenario. Both teams will likely spend several multiples of travel time over playing time. It’s not a two ten-minute halves game. It’s on a Tuesday, after Halloween no less. From what it’s worth, I’ve heard it was scheduled at Sedro Woolley, the next nearest FieldTurf facility, due in part to soccer schedules and cost at Civic Field.

Betwixt the two teams, little is unknown. Each won a game in a relative blowout. However, the Kansas City tiebreaker format introduces a different dynamic. Place kicking is absolutely key, but punters can take a seat. Turnovers are immediately deadly. Four-and-so-long.

From the Conference:

The Nooksack Valley Pioneers and the Meridian Trojans will settle their second place tie, Tuesday, November 1, at Sedro Woolley High School.

The Kansas City Tiebreaker format will begin at 6:30pm. The format is the same as an end of game tiebreaker. Each team will get the same amount of chances to score, starting at the opponents 25 yard line.

Admission is $2 for all fans.

The winner will advance to the 1A Northwest District Playoffs against the Kings Knights.

By the way, one must wonder if some of the Cascade League schools might look back longingly at the arrangements they could have had with NWC, instead of forfeiting every other week. A larger 1A league would do much to avoid these nutty tiebreaker scenarios.

Regardless, this is what we’re dealing with for now. Good luck tonight, Trohahns.

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