Know Thy Opponent: King’s

If enjoying a bucolic bus tour of Sedro Woolley wasn’t reward enough for surviving Tuesday’s qualifying tiebreaker, Meridian is now bestowed the honor of playing the class of Northwest Washington 1A football, the King’s Knights.

In the truly bizarre Cascade Conference season, King’s might be most notable for being the last league team with gumption to play Archbishop Murphy, on Sept. 16 before the cavalcade of forfeits began. That’s not really fair to King’s, because they’ve had a great season otherwise. Still when the BBC runs a story about the team no one wants to play—complete with noting player weights in stone—it is somewhat newsworthy. King’s was shutout by Murphy, but also held them to a season-low 38 points, 22 points below their average in the other 3 games.

King's on offense in white.

King’s on offense in white.

For the balance of their Cascade Conference season, King’s acquitted themselves superbly, just as they’ve done for most of the last 10 years. No team came closer then 24 points to them, outside of Murphy.

King’s always seems to have the brand of a wide-open, throw-it-around team, despite running the ball proficiently in the past decade of dominance. But they have produced some high quality QBs and when the personnel is there, they have thrown the ball very well. This year however, the run game is their mainstay. King’s has rushed for almost 2,000 yards while only passing for 760. Senior Caleb Perry has 1160 yards, an amazing 12/carry average, and 18 touchdowns on the year. He’ll be the one of the best backs we’ve seen this season.


King’s will come into the game rested, last playing on Oct. 21 in a blowout of Sultan, while the few & mighty Trohahns had to scrape through Tuesday’s tiebreaker.

Kickoff off is 7:00PM Saturday at King’s High School (19303 Fremont Ave N, Shoreline, WA‎). Keep in mind, parking is a scattered at King’s, with some parking lots above and below the stadium, plus street parking mixed in amongst the campus.

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