Fan Poll: All-Time Best Game

More than five years ago, we first posted an All-Time Best Game poll, but it was on the Forums that few people use.  It felt like it might time to give it another shot.  Vote below the jump.

Pick THREE of the following…

[poll id=”3″]

There are 15 choices in this poll, which is a lot, but we’re also talking about several hundred games.  And you can pick 3 games.  Please vote and pass the link along.  Coach Patrick provides some background information on the games in the old poll.

Did I miss a classic?  Yeah, probably.  Leave a comment below.


  1. […] This clip is taken from the 2003 highlight DVD.  The 2003 semifinals win against LaCenter is currently tied for 2nd as fan pick as best all-time Meridian game. […]

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